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Take a look around, see how the world is changing
Do you think the world will just keep on believing your lies?
The power that you've used abused and flaunted is fading
As the people wrestle back complete control of their minds!

This book! This fucking book you say should be our guiding light
Is just a way for you to justify your subtle little crimes
But now the people have the power to communicate the truth
Your time is running out and soon you'll just be left behind

We see through your lies

You can tell me that the crazy ones don't represent the whole
But it's the ignorance you favour lets those crazies thrive
And while you may choose the nice bits from your holy book of fiction
There are those who like the bits that say that 'Homos Must Die!'

And sure, everybody deserves freedom of speech
But when that freedom to speak becomes blood on the streets
You turn a blind eye to the facts and just let history repeat
But it's time to see the words you preach have become obsolete

We're opening our eyes

This is not a war
This is not your judgement day
Just incidental memocide
For truth to live, the lies must die

In the past you've kept the children from confronting your hypocrisy
Indoctrinating values until they're too entrenched to change
But now the reins have been forsaken, as the age of information
Stops the abuse and gives their minds some room to find their own way

You no longer mystify

Once they see the other side of this unstable faith equation
Once they get a proper education, learn the facts about creation
Learn to make their own informed and logical evaluation
We'll finally see a true and great enlightened generation

The truth you vilify
These lies you deify

This is not a war
This is not your judgement day
Just incidental memocide
For truth to live, the lies must die


from Containment Failure, released February 28, 2010




Kurodust Melbourne, Australia

Kurodust is a three piece band from Melbourne, Australia, with a goal of writing and recording solid hard rock tracks with a bluesy edge. While most bands are out gigging and building a fan base we’ve taken the more introverted approach and, with a variety of technical skills at our fingertips, have focus on creating content that will stand the test of time.

Also, we have super powers.
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